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We know how annoying or frustrating it is to deal with a damaged or cracked windshield/car window.

Whether that be from a car accident or other unfortunate situation, we are here to help. This is why here at Bright Auto Glass, we work efficiently to fix your windshield or any other car window problems. Our skilled professionals have years of experience dealing with windshield and car window replacement. We are careful and thorough with our replacement and fixing process so that you don’t have to worry about any other damage to your car.

Over 9 years of experience!



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Now, you get to enjoy the new look of your car for years to come!


It’s not just about windshields. Our cars, trucks and SUVs have much more glass on them than they used to. And when you’re booking an appointment to have that glass repaired or replaced, it’s useful to have the name of the piece you need us to fix. This graphic shows some common names for each piece of glass on a vehicle.

Bright Auto Glass Promise/Guarantee

Here at Bright Auto Glass, we promise to deliver top-notch service. Your windshield is an important part of your car and we guarantee to fix and repair it as efficiently and carefully as possible. Our goal is to keep you happy and your car looking its best. We promise to work closely with you on timing, budget, and anything else you may need. Give us a call today!

Ignoring the problem does not make it disappear

There is nothing worse than a cracked, shattered, or ruined windshield. Many repair companies cost an arm and a leg just to do a quick and messy job. In this way, they sacrifice security and quality service. This could lead to your new windshield being installed or repaired improperly which could be dangerous and even end up costing you even more in the future creating leakage of water and gaps or air pockets between the glass and the urethane among other safety hazards. With our trained team of professionals, we provide quick and quality service.

We pay attention to the small details in the installation and repair process in order to meet your needs and save you money.