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Cracked or shattered window?

Chipped glass?

Here at Bright Auto Glass, we specialize in all things windows when it comes to cars. We know how annoying, unsafe, and frustrating it is to deal with a damaged, cracking, or even shattered car window. With our trained team of diligent repairmen, we work efficiently and with care to fix any window issue you may have so as to not damage your pockets or any more of your car. We are here to help! Give us a call!

Over 9 years of experience!



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We will look at your windshield, evaluate your auto glass needs, and give you a FREE estimate on the cost and time of the repair!


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We get the job done following all COVID Safety Guidelines!


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Now, you get to enjoy the new look of your car for years to come!

Bright Auto Glass Promise/Guarantee

You can always count on Bright Auto Glass for a clean and careful repair. That is a guarantee! We work closely with our clients to ensure all parts of the process are being carried out effectively. We promise to always put you and your car first and to give you the best service! Our goal is to keep you happy and your car looking its best! Give us a call today!

Ignoring the problem does not make it disappear

Many companies who claim to repair car windows and windshields don’t hold themselves to the standards we do. They do a sloppy job or don’t deliver on quality and service. Here at Bright Auto Glass, we don’t take those things lightly. We pride ourselves on providing the best service and repair for our clients. We are people too so we understand budgets and time frames which is why we work with you to find something that fits!

We pay attention to the small details in the installation and repair process in order to meet your needs and save you money.